Dreamoc HD3

Makes your product remarkable anywhere

Captivate your audience in busy stores, malls and shows without skilled technicians. There is no compromise in the quality or creativity, just get your product to the biggest possible audience quickly and reliably.

Affordable. Portable. Plug & Play

Ideal for use at scale in stores, malls and crowded exhibition halls, the Dreamoc HD3 is a 3 sided holographic display case that is robust, transportable and thanks to “Plug and Play” can be set up by anyone, anywhere. The proof of measurable increase in sales performance and accelerated Return on Investment (ROI) at the Point of Sale (POS) can be seen in our case studies.

Significant high performance increases come when 3D holograms are combined with the physical product inside the Dreamoc HD3, turning inanimate products into magical stories.

Easy to use

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