Dreamoc POP

Dreamoc POP3

The Dreamoc POP3


The new Dreamoc POP3 creates the stop-and-stare effect that is crucial in a crowded retail environment. It’s easy to install, is super affordable and gives you the new Fusion feature already built in.


Harness the magic of a holographic display and command attention for your brand.


Crystal clear Picture –

high quality glass


Bright and sharp full HD picture quality, high-end glass optics – strength and luxury finish combined.

Key-protected front access door


Easy yet secure access the product you are displaying, enabling you to re- position it, or even swap it out for the next product you’re showcasing.

Built in audio


No need for external speakers – the audio is built in to the display. Easily control the sound level with the volume up / down button.


Light Control


A new and powerful feature in the Dreamoc POP3, is the ability to control the light inside the chamber to and to synchronize it with the holographic animation. We call this feature LightControl.

Interactive possibilities


Interactivity between the viewer and the experience inside the Dreamoc ensures a connection between the product and the audience.

Multiply the magic with the

Dreamoc Fusion feature


Connecting multiple Dreamocs does much more than increase the range of your 3D holographic presentation, it actually changes the way you are able to communicate!


Dreamoc Fusion enables the 3D story around your product to jump seamlessly from one Dreamoc display to another, lighting up the viewer’s imagination as their mind rushes to place them into the story being sold.

Technical Specifications


The Blue color on the drawing shows the approximately hologram size on Dreamoc POP3



WxHxD: 548 x 370 x 500 mm (~550 x 370 x 500 mm)

Measurements inside display

WxHxD: 524 x 285 x 431,8mm (~ 520 x 300 x 440)

Weight: 13 kg

1 sided viewing

Combine physical objects with holographic content

Automatic and manually control spotlight

Remote Up/Download of content via FTP

Bright and sharp picture quality

Easy change of content

Key protected door

Seven push button for easy operation

Built-in loudspeakers

HDMI input for interactivity

Programmable on/off timer



Customize your own Dreamoc POP3


When ordering 50 displays or more, we offer number of customization options. This allows for exact tailoring of the displays to support a specific product, brand or campaign.


To learn more about the options for customization, get in contact with us today.

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